Put down the phone.

Do you know what factors to consider before you hire a professional concrete cutter? If you don’t, don’t make that call until you have read this.

Many homeowners make the mistake of calling the first guys in the local telephone directory or on the first page of Google.

Bad idea!

Haphazard Way of Hiring a Concrete Cutting Service

There are a thousand things that can go wrong with this haphazard way of hiring a concrete cutting service.

  • The guys could be con artists posing as professional concrete cutters in Melbourne. Don’t just let anyone into your home/project;
  • If they happen to be genuine, they are probably new in the industry, thus, don’t have the necessary equipment and tools;
  • If they are not new in the market, they’ve probably been at this for far too long, made enough money, and do not look to satisfy customers anymore.

These are the reasons doing due diligence is important before hiring concrete cutting experts in Melbourne.

At Megasaw, we aim to set the standard in the industry. We believe in providing consumers (irrespective of whether they are our customers) with concrete information. Information that helps you makes a solid decision.

Factors in Hiring Concrete Cutting Expert

So, what are some of the factors to consider when hiring a concrete cutting expert?

1. Licensing and Physical Office

It is important to make sure the contractor is duly licensed.

But licensing does not cut it in most instances.

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Megasaw Professional Concrete Cutter in Melbourne

Do they have a physical location where you can contact them if somehow stuff hits the fan and you need to get in touch with them.

Don’t just hire a contractor because their website is an eye-candy. If they are not licensed and they do not have a physical presence in your area, it will be better to go with other contractors.

2.  Experience Matters

Given the choice between a newbie and a contractor who’s been in the market for 3-5 years, who would you hire?

This is where experience comes in. I have nothing against new concrete cutting experts, but are you willing to be their guinea pig?

The more experienced concrete cutting experts are, the more reliable they become. They’ve probably accomplished harder and trickier tasks.

They have seen it all, and they are able to borrow from that vast experience when dealing with different concrete cutting scenarios.

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3. Tech and Tools of Trade

Road concrete cutter machine

Apart from experience, contractors need to be well-equipped.

What tools and technology do they use? Are their machines up to date?

Do they have any backup plans if a machine gets broken?

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. They go a long way in ensuring your project gets done well.

4. Who Bears the Liability?

Company Liability

Construction projects can go awfully wrong, resulting in the loss or destruction of property worth thousands of dollars.

Ask yourself and your shortlisted concrete contractors, “Who bears the responsibility in case of losses?”

The best saw cutting experts in Melbourne will have insurance policies to cover against any untoward incidents. These insurance policies include workers’ liability and a clearly outlined property compensation policy.

Keep in mind that concrete cutting is a challenging task. It involves the use of heavy machinery, some of which are operated at very high power supply.

If something goes awry during the project, you surely do not want to be the one to shoulder the liabilities.

If a concrete cutting contractor is not insured, keep off.

5. What’s the Word in the Street?

Two men conversing

What’s their reputation?

Don’t ignore recommendations and referrals in choosing professional concrete cutters. Look for people who might have hired concrete cutters recently, and ask about their experience with the experts.

In most cases, you’ll discover something that you missed when doing your research. What’s the best way to get referrals?

Identify at least 4-5 companies that look promising and ask them to send you references from projects they have recently completed.

Call these previous clients and ask their thoughts on the services rendered.

6. Only Hire Professionals

I hope you are going solo on this. If you are, I hope you’ll change your mind.

Any task that involves cutting concrete should not be entrusted to a helper who owns an old dust mask and an electric saw.

Instead, hire specialized concrete cutting contractors that will surely save you time and money.

Most of these contractors can handle cutting concrete of all sizes. They use special tools and other machinery that make the work easier.

Megasaw has some of the best concrete cutting experts in Melbourne. We’ll be happy to help you with your project.

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Does Megasaw Have What it takes?

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We have been doing it for generations. And honestly, I don’t think there is any other concrete cutting expert in Melbourne who can match our level of experience and expertise.

We have been through thick and thin (pun intended) in our 40+ years of drilling and cutting through concrete.

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