The Various Types Of Concrete Cutting Useful For Construction Projects

Did you know that using high-quality concrete cutting services is vital to ensuring a successful construction project? Concrete has always been a staple in construction projects, with more and more construction firms deciding to use a variety of different concrete in their developments. With various types of concrete being used, utilising a range of trustworthy and reliable concrete services are essential to ensure project success.

Here are all the different types of concrete cutting that are known to be crucial to construction.

Hand Cutting Concrete for Precision

As more construction developments become more technical, the need for highly specific cuts of concrete is increasing. Without the right measurements, concrete won’t be able to be appropriately used in a project. It’s for this reason that many firms are placing a high value on concrete cutters that can excel in providing the exact requirements needed for specific cuts of concrete.

Have you heard about the enormous consequences that occur from concrete being cut at the wrong measurements? You may be surprised to know that many large-scale construction projects have had to be delayed significantly because the concrete being used didn’t meet the technical standards that had been agreed upon. When concrete isn’t able to fit into various areas and components of a construction site, it will severely delay all other processes that are to occur throughout the project. This is because concrete is usually the foundation of a site and without it properly being installed, other aspects of the development cannot go ahead.

Because of the immense costs that are associated with delaying projects and getting concrete recut so that they fit specifications, more construction companies are being cautious in ensuring whoever they choose for concrete cutting. Companies are seeking to ensure that whoever they use has a track record in precise cutting of concrete.

Wall Sawing and Cutting for Urban Developments

worker using a extractor

You may have noticed that many large-scale developments in major cities feature thick concrete walls. These walls have become increasingly trendy in recent times as they are able to provide a high level of noise isolation which is very desirable in urban environments. Even better, these walls are relatively low in cost for the construction companies that are behind the development.

However, one critical aspect to ensuring quality concrete walls in a project is making sure that they are cut and sawed consistently throughout the building. Concrete walls that haven’t been consistently and correctly cut will look ugly and uneven. Projects in the past that have not used high-quality concrete cutting have noticed significant decreases in potential investors due to the unappealing appearance of the concrete walls featured in the completed project.

As you may imagine, due to the prospective decrease in investors, many construction firms have utilised more resources in getting the best sawing and cutting of concrete walls available in the area.

High-Frequency Cutting for Dense Constructions

Are you aware that concrete cutting technology has seen immense innovation in recent years? The biggest brands behind the equipment used to cut concrete have made major breakthroughs in recent times. These breakthroughs have allowed for effective high-frequency cutting of concrete that is more efficient and effective than ever before.

Construction projects which utilise highly dense structures and materials require specialised cutting services. Many managers of these projects have had to deal with a slow and painstaking process in cutting many significantly dense components of their projects. This is especially true when it comes to concrete, as the material is particularly dense when compared to various other popular materials used for the construction of residential and commercial properties.

However, with recent improvements in equipment, high-quality cutting of even the densest concrete can be done much quicker than before. This has allowed for quicker completion times and lower costs for construction firms. Many speculate that the increased use of concrete in many projects in the country is partly due to the innovative and groundbreaking cutting tools that have recently entered the market.

Smooth Cutting and Chasing Services for Finishing Touches to Developments

Cutting and chasing is a standard procedure that is used when finishing up a construction project. This involves smoothing out areas such as floors in the building so that they aren’t rough and are perfect for residential purposes. A telling sign of a low-quality concrete establishment is the fact that the floors will be rough and uneven. Rough concrete surfaces are an indicator of amateur concrete cutting and chasing, which often negatively impacts the value of the property.

Hence, just as it is vital to ensure that concrete is cut precisely for the initial stages of a project, it is just as important to ensure the concrete is smooth and presentable during the later stages. Effectively chasing concrete will add tremendous character to a project and make it appealing to both prospective buyers and investors alike.

Why is Concrete Cutting Essential?

Have you ever seen concrete roads getting a makeover and the workers digging holes everywhere to make the work easier? Or, maybe your sewage system is malfunctioning and a part of the floor has to be broken to reach the main sewage system. All these require efficient services of a concrete cutting company.

In fact, construction companies are highly dependent on these companies because they often have to cut down huge portions of the walls and floors to make way for new landscapes.

Concrete cutting has evolved a lot in the last few years. The machines don’t make too much of noise, there is hardly any dust from the concrete, and work gets done quicker. There are so many projects and industries that are making use of professional concrete cutting services. Let’s find out some of the essential reasons why this service cannot be overlooked:

1) Changing the landscape of the house

Are you looking to remodel your house or renovate a part of it? This might require cutting down a few concrete walls. This is one of the reasons why concrete cutting is necessary. The architect who will be in charge of constructing or renovating the house would make the designs first before hiring the concrete cutters. Once the doors and windows are positioned and the measurements finalized, the concrete cutter can cut down the walls instantly.

Apart from just renovations, many house owners often want to install a mini pool in their backyard. This would require cutting of concrete slabs or the concrete floor to make sufficient space for the pool to fit. Renovating the garden or paving a path to the house through the garden would also require concrete cutting services. The cutting experts can handle a variety of house projects quite efficiently.

2) Repairing sewer lines and broken water pipes

drilled wall

Another common reason why the services of concrete cutters are so highly valued is that they can cut through walls within a very small space to get access to sewer lines and water pipes. When water pipes get damaged or clogged because of earthquakes or ground corrosion, the entire sewage system gets hampered. If you do not get them checked and repaired quickly, they can cause further damage. But, to access those pipes, a part of the wall has to be cut down. It may be the floor too because most sewage systems are connected underground. Depending on the area that the plumber says is faulty, you can ask the concrete cutter to cut that portion down very carefully so as not to damage the pipes in any way.

3) Removing concrete

It is never a wise decision to remove heavy concrete blocks on your own. You can get injured. If for some reason, there has been some renovation work in your house that has left a bunch of huge concrete blocks and you think that pushing and shoving them to safety would make some room, you are taking a huge risk. This is not something that should be done with bare hands. In fact, you shouldn’t even consider moving them because professionals would first cut them into small pieces before taking them away. Construction companies require wall cuttings to be done with concrete cutting machines and once the walls are cut, the cutters make sure that the chunks are turned into small pieces so that they can be removed easily.

4) Access to small areas

This is another reason why concrete cutting is needed at home. If you are planning to lay new wiring in your house or an entirely new plumbing system, it would require a part of the walls to be cut down. Accurate measurements will be given to the cutter. Space can be really small in comparison to other projects but that would not deter the cutter in any way. They have the right tools that can maneuver within a small area and get the desired cut done. Sometimes, construction companies want unique designs to be cut on walls so that they add a new style to the room. These are also done by efficient concrete cutting companies.

5) Enhancing the office or your home

If you are planning to add a small kitchen or bathroom or space for the generator in your house, you will have to break down a couple of walls and make the construction process easier. Regardless of what the design and space of the area will be, you will need a concrete cutter to cut through the walls. The type of job may seem to be the same but the application is what makes the cutters so crucial for every project.

MEGASAW is the leading company to provide quality concrete cutting services at pocket-friendly prices. You can contact us on 1300 920 419 to find out the types of concrete cutting services we provide and the areas we serve in.

Guide On How To Find The Right Concrete Cutting Service For Your Business

Are you currently working in an industry that heavily utilises concrete? Whether for developments or manufacturing, concrete is a staple resource that is used in many different fields of business. Whenever there’s concrete involved, there is almost always a cutting service that is required. Concrete is a hard and durable material and needs professional assistance in order to cut. Getting high-quality concrete cutting is critical for business success, thus here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can choose the right cutting service

Great Portfolios Represent Great Experience

Did you know that many well-established firms that provide cutting services for concrete will have a portfolio that is available to be viewed by prospective clients? Portfolios include all of the past engagements that the business has worked on in the past. The great thing about portfolios is that they are a tremendously reliable measure of the past quality of work of a given concrete cutter.

When searching for the right service, looking through all of the various portfolios of concrete cutting services in the area is a great first step. By being able to gauge the types of projects a business has been assigned in the past, an idea of what kind of cutting services the company excels at can be ascertained. It’s worth noting that certain cutting services will be better at one type of cutting than another. It’s up to you to choose the right business which has a proven track record in the project you’re currently working on.

Safety Standards as an Indicator or Reliability

Have you considered the correlation between safety standards and quality of service? Many people that utilise the services of concrete cutters don’t realise that by looking at the safety protocols of a cutting firm, they can reliably judge the quality of service the firm can provide.

Many safety protocols are required to be followed to ensure the safe provision of cutting concrete. These include everything from conducting the cutting in an enclosed and safe area, all the way to having the cutters wear complete safety gear. There is plenty of information within the industry that goes into detail about all of the specifics concerning the safe cutting of concrete.

Services that don’t follow these protocols by taking safety shortcuts are significantly likely to provide a poor quality service. It is an unspoken rule throughout various development and manufacturing businesses that services which disregard the importance of safety are likely to ignore the quality of service that they provide. Considering that they are willing to take shortcuts with safety, it isn’t a long stretch for them to start taking shortcuts with how they carry out cutting services. Firms that are meticulous in ensuring the right safety of their employees are likely to be just as stringent in making sure that they can deliver a quality cutting procedure for their clients.

Quality of Equipment Determines Quality of Service

construction worker using a jackhammer

There is a common saying that a tradesperson is only as good as the tools that they use. This is definitely the case with concrete cutting. The quality of cutting equipment that is utilised will bear great significance in the precision of the concrete cutting that is carried out. Quality equipment dictates so many different variables from how quickly the concrete can be cut, to how precisely the cut can be made. For businesses that require highly specific measurements for concrete, it is essential that whichever company they choose uses the highest standard in equipment.

Most firms that provide a cutting service for concrete will advertise the types of equipment that they use. These firms understand that equipment is vitally important to their effectiveness in carrying out business. Hence, firms that are unwilling to showcase the various brands and models of tools that they use are likely trying to hide something. Firms which happily boast about how high quality their equipment is will probably have all the tools required to provide top-quality service.

The Importance of Insurance

When was the last time you checked if a service firm you utilised had been adequately insured? Many businesses just assume that the company that they have hired for manual services such as concrete cutting are insured. However, many firms are either inadequately insured or have no insurance at all. It’s essential for any manager or business owner to make the right inquiries to ensure that whoever they contract with has the right amount of insurance.

It’s important to dig deep regarding the insurance of a firm providing a cutting service. Quality firms will be able to quickly reassure clients about all of the various technicalities about their insurance policies and how they are qualified to provide their service. Firms that are not be trusted will be unwilling or uncooperative in assisting potential clients looking to find out more about their insurance policies. Insurance ensures that any service can be carried out safely and securely for both parties. When it comes to concrete cutting, it’s essential that all aspects of insurance are appropriately recognised and understood.

Constantly Developing Techniques For Concrete Cutting Have Reduced Effort and Improved Accuracy

In layman terms, concrete cutting is the process of creating openings in concrete surfaces, whether they are walls, floors or ceilings for the installation of utilities, creating doors and windows, or even for simplifying the process of dismantling a concrete structure, or removing any unwanted concrete from any site.

The cutting of concrete, drilling it, and sawing it are great challenges for engineers tasked with this chore, as concrete is a very hard material that keeps on getting stronger as it ages. It is a tough material to work with when it is in this advanced hardened state and requires special tools, that are constantly being developed.

Concrete has been around for construction for a very long time and in earlier days any need for creating openings was dealt with by the use of chisels and hammers, the wielding of which required great brute strength. The actual dismantling of large blocks of concrete and other hard construction material was often carried out by jackhammers that used compressed air. This again required a lot of brawn and created a lot of noise.


Present day construction personnel have the advantage of having access to a wide range of steel saws

These saws can carry out the concrete cutting in a more precise manner, with less of physical effort and disturbance to the concrete structure. A concrete saw is a tool of high quality that is used by the professionals in this business to cut or create openings in concrete and is also able to deal with any other hard material that is used in construction, like brick, stone or tile.

These tools can be handheld

These tools can be saws that you walk behind, or those that are mounted on tracks attached to vertical surfaces for cutting walls. The motive power for most of these tools is electric motors, though you can also find some saws that use gasoline engines for the purpose.

The cutting of concrete can create a lot of dust

Dry sawing is more commonly used only for outdoor projects like in roads and bridges. Blades used for dry sawing are made of blades that have diamonds impregnated on their cutting edges and are relatively immune to the heat that concrete cutting can produce.

These dry saws require very high power and are useful for dense concrete. A technique that is now more widely used for cutting concrete is wet sawing. This method of wet sawing is environmentally friendly as not only is the dust controlled, but the saw also remains cool and gives extended services that require lesser replacement of saw blades.

Wire sawing meets the needs in the construction industry for creating very accurate opening sizes and can be used for cutting steel or even reinforced concrete. They can cut in a wide variety of shapes and deal with almost any size of an opening that needs to be created. Wire saws are cables that have embedments of diamonds to give them a cutting edge. They give contractors engaged in this work, a lot of flexibility and can help to minimize wastage.

The use of wire saws produces very little vibration in concrete structures as conventional blades will do, and this reduces the chances of cracks developing in concrete. Ring saws are used in handheld concrete breakers and are useful for executing small sized projects for cutting of concrete. It is a smaller version of wire saws and can create openings in confined spaces, with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

The sawing of floors is the most commonly required operation in construction

This equipment uses circular saws with hardened edges or diamond coated teeth, mounted on equipment that an operator can walk behind so that the machine is guided on a correct path.

Most of these floor saws also use water cooling for the blade, with the water also being used for reducing dust nuisance. Floor sawing is used to cut into bridge decks, roads, pavements and floor slabs. Walls saws are mounted on tracks that help to guide the saws and can cut through walls to create openings for doors and windows, as well as to create space for utilities.

Cutting cores is another form of cutting concrete and is useful for creating openings in walls and slabs to allow pipes and ducts to pass through. Perfectly circular openings of the required diameter are created with the drilling bits being of the required size and having cutting edges at a right angle to the direction of rotation. Cores are also used at times for checking the strength of concrete.

The cutting of concrete using these modern and evolving techniques is more practical and efficient than the previously used traditional methods for removing concrete. They are less likely to cause any damage to concrete structures, as vibration is almost eliminated.

How Can Concrete Cutting Be Beneficial to any Project?

Concrete cutting has gone through several changes in the last few decades. From using the jackhammer to the use of heavy sawing machines, the evolution of the concrete cutting solutions has been amazing. These have helped different industries and been a part of many construction projects. Be it for creating a new entry to a building or paving a path for a better road, concrete cutting services have always been necessary. The construction industry has required these specialized services more than any other sector.

Let’s take a look at how these services have benefited various industries and different projects:

1) No sound or air pollution

Even a decade back, when the machines were not as developed as today, there was too much noise when the drills and saws cut through concrete. You could not be anywhere near the machines because of the searing noise. Everyone involved in the project would take a break when the saws were in full flow. In fact, most of the concrete cutting in the construction projects was done when the workers were away. And, let’s not even begin with the respirable dust that got emitted from those machines. However, with the modern machines, things have changed for the better.

The modern machines do not produce so much noise or dust. With minimal noise, it has become easier for construction projects to be completed quickly. Not only for construction projects, there are times when concrete cutting is required by homeowners. Neighbors would have been irritated with all the noise of the concrete machines but not anymore!

2) Precision and accuracy

This is another reason why road makers and construction companies require the services of a concrete cutting company. The construction industry needs accurate cutting for setting up doors and windows. This can only be done by experienced concrete cutters. They have gigantic sawing machines that are specially designed to cut down walls to make way for doors and windows. Diamond blades are used in the machines to cut through walls. There is no denying that these machines have been a boon to the construction companies. They can cut down the thickest of walls within the wink of an eye.

Before the walls are cut down, the expert will check the measurements where the cut has to be made. The diameter of the blade is set accordingly. After that, the machine is switched on the walls are cut. These machines can also cut walls according to specific designs. Sometimes, the rooms need special openings that are not used for doors and windows. These designs can also be cut by the concrete cutting machines.

3) Fast and efficient

Let’s face it; the days when the jackhammer and chisel were used, it was such a pain for the workers to work in the scorching heat and break concrete floors or walls. They would take hours to finish a particular job and that extended the project longer than usual. With the modern concrete cutting machines, things have become faster. The work of almost 3 workers can now be done by one single person. It has been possible because of the evolution of the machines. The machines used these days come with inbuilt water container so that the machines do not leave a lot of mess in the form of dust and dirt.

The chances of missing a deadline have gone down. Be it a big or small construction project, you can be assured that the quality of work will be maintained even when the work is being done faster than normal.

4) Efficient for working in smaller areas

portable stone cutting tool

One of the biggest advantages of opting for the services of concrete cutting is that they can work within a very small space. There have been cases when concrete walls have to be cut to get through to the plumbing system of a house. This requires the precision and accuracy of the cutter to work within a space that will not be more than a couple of feet. There are machines that can be used in such small spaces too. Handsaws that specialize in working in small areas are used in such projects.

At MEGASAW, you can expect to get the best concrete cutting service that will give you your money’s worth. We have a dedicated team of cutters who can take up any challenge you throw at us. They have been a part of numerous projects for some of the most eminent companies. We have come up with a combination of techniques that have helped to cut through concrete easily. Apart from our quality service, we charge the least and you are free to compare the fees with other companies. Give us a call at 1300 920 419 to discuss your project and we assure you that you will be totally satisfied.

Saw Cutting Concrete Requires More Than Just An Eye On Safety

Modern engineering produces amazing results.  You can see these on the roads, the homes and buildings, the utility poles, and the vehicles going to and from your community. These are all products of people’s efforts and the tools in their hands.

bioluminescent bridge

Even though most will not know how these are built, the beauty of it is that consumers don’t really need to know that.

But behind the mystery and marvel, those in the know of the concrete saw cutting, understand that architecture and structural engineering still boil down to basics like people using hammers and nails and doing cutting with the use of a saw to come up with the needed materials.

The use of saw to cut is typically associated with nature and with sawing wood for campfires, make-shift shelters, walking sticks, concrete and shelters.

concrete saw cutting

But besides these, saw cutting is a must in several industries. For instance, there is metal saw cutting which is done from the framing of vehicles and automobiles to creating the mesh rebar that is used in the paving of many roads.

Concrete Saw Cutting

Concrete saw cutting is also done to deconstruct things. Law enforcement agents sometimes need to cut through fences or even vehicles. Power saw cutting is used to get past locks of rental storage units so that the abandoned goods inside can be taken and auctioned off.

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But no matter the purpose, remember that using a saw is dangerous. If used improperly, it can damage what is being cut and hurt or even kill people. Safety goggles are a must with any power saw, and the person handling the saw must have the proper training.

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Given the risks, a person must know how to use the saw safely. Good thing that this skill, coupled with experience can be useful and profitable.

Note that working with concrete is an art form and there’s definitely a market for concrete furniture,  carvings, and other products.

Besides this, you’ll also have employment opportunities in the construction industry, particularly if you know how to saw cutting a concrete.

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How You Can Easily Find Concrete Cutting Services

concrete cutting service

You may have a slab of concrete where specific cuts need to be made, and you need to find a business that can provide you with this type of service.

If you can’t find a concrete cutting service in your city, you should not lose hope. Through the internet, you can readily find contractors with special tools that can meet your concrete cutting needs.

concrete cutting google search


If there are a couple that offers that services you need, here are some guidelines to help you choose. One, consider the company’s reputation and experience.

Almost all companies have websites that showcase its portfolio. With this, you can examine the quality of their work.

Megasaw Work

They should also have the latest tools that can cut concrete very quickly, examples are diamond-tipped saws and blades. These should be able to cut through any type of concrete, regardless of its thickness. And they should provide value for money with their services.


What Concrete Cutting Companies Do

Initially, they would come to the project site, take measurements, and provide you with an estimate on the cost. From this, you can choose which company will carry out the project.


Experience Versus Cost

Although cost plays a major role in your decision which company you’d want to work with, this should go hand-in-hand with the company’s experience. Apart from looking at its body of work, verify if there are any complaints against the company.


Plus, make sure that the business has the requisite licenses.

If the company that has tons of experience prove to be beyond your budget’s reach, find someone that has both enough experience and give you the low rates.


How To Find These Companies Quickly

You should find all of the businesses in your area through the Internet. On their website, check the services they offer, their previous projects. Almost every business that is in the construction industry has a website showcasing their services, their previous projects, and contact information.

megasaw van

This will make it much easier for you to get the project started.

Granted, you can choose to invest in the equipment and ask a few of your workers to do the concrete cutting for you. But be careful. A mistake can significantly increase the cost and delay project completion.

In contrast, when hiring a contractor, you can see from the estimates if they can do the job and how much you need to shell out.

You just need to do due diligence in terms of research and assessment of prospective concrete cutting companies. This will ultimately lead you to the best choice and have the output you want.

Concrete Cutting Sufficiently Explained

Concrete Cutting Sufficiently Explained

You usually need to cut concrete in floors, foundations, and walls to either modify the structure or create openings for running services and other utilities. These are necessary for heating, plumbing, and electrical work and vents.

For this, you need to do controlled sawing or drilling and special equipment that uses diamond impregnated blades.

The blades together with water produce smooth and attractive finishes in one go. The water prevents the dust from rising and the entire process makes less noise and remains environment-friendly.

This is different from the previous method wherein jackhammers were used. This often left irregular openings and created a lot of dust and noise. Plus, the constant hammering produced vibrations and could cause structural problems in weak structures.

drilled wall

In contrast, now we can produce perfectly round holes in concrete,  as big as 12 inches in diameter. Just be careful that the cutting does not affect the reinforcement. But if you need to cut the reinforcement, strengthen the opening so that structural stability will not be affected.

The concrete cutting of slabs is often done with diamond blades that may be 33 inches in diameter at the most.

cutting using diamond blades

These blades are mounted on machines. Companies which cut concrete use ground radar penetrating machines to know what’s inside the reinforcements so that they can avoid the same during cutting. These obstructions are marked on the surface.

Slab cutting can help you during demolition work as you cut large parts of concrete.

slab cutting

But in doing this,  you and your crew should put a premium on safety. Some concrete cutting machines can be handheld while others are floor mounted or operate on some framework. Each of these has a set of guidelines for safety and efficiency.

Water is essential in cutting concrete. It helps deter sound, reduce dust and more importantly keep the temperature of the blade under control. That’s why you need adequate water and drainage. Improper drainage or flooding of areas where concrete is being cut can lead to slips and falls and may even result in electrocution. Electrical connections must have adequate grounding and all wires must be well insulated.

Further, remember to have the machines properly anchored while cutting. This is necessary because concrete’s hard and the machine may get out of control when you’re cutting it. Blades may get broken and become hazardous to the machine operator.

Finally, make sure that the tools you’ll use are in the best condition and saw blades are sharp and have all their cutting edges in place. Operators need to be well experienced and have all the necessary safety equipment like gloves, goggles, shoes and helmets.


How to Choose the Correct Type of Concrete Cutting Blades

concrete cutting blade

The right concrete cutting blade can spell the difference between a cost-effective and efficient job and one with lots of downtime and additional costs.

Thus, you must know what to look for in a blade for your next concrete cutting project.

There are various considerations to make as you seek to get your best blade. But first, get to know the types of diamond blades available in the market.

Here are the options to choose from:

Dry-cutting blades

These are used to cut dry, hard concrete.

Sintered diamond blades are routinely used for dry cutting. They are typically high density alloys of silver and diamond – made by sintering steel cores, diamonds and metal bond materials already put into molds.  

These diamond blades are in two types:

  • Hot-pressed diamond blades

Well alloyed, with high density segments. They have a longer service life.

Marble and Granite Cutting Saw Blades
Image Credit


  • Cold-pressed diamond blades

have low-density diamond segments with high porosity. This feature can improve the cooling condition when the blades are in use. They however have a shorter service life.

Diamond Saw Cutting Blade | MegaSaw
Image Credit to

Sintered diamond blades can cut marble, granite, concrete, asphalt, ceramics and other dry building materials.

Note: Some sintered diamond blades such as the continuous rim diamond blades can only be used in wet cutting.  




Wet-cutting blades

Water must be used to cool the blades, in contrast to dry-cutting blades that need no cooling. These are used to cut green concrete.

Silver brazed diamond saw blades are typically used in wet concrete cutting. The diamond segment of a silver brazed diamond blade does not have a transition layer.

They are brazed directly to the steel cores using silver-based brazing films which normally contain 40 – 50 percent silver.

As such, silver brazed diamond blades cannot be used in dry cutting. This is because the high temperatures generated in the dry cutting can melt the silver solder, causing the diamond segments to fall off the blade.


Laser welded diamond blades

These can be used in both wet and dry cutting. They are made by fusing the diamond segments and steel core by laser welding.

Cutting Saw Blades | Megasaw
Image Credit to Diamond King Tools

The diamond segment-steel core junction is melted to form a connection that can withstand high temperatures produced in dry cutting.

It’s still however recommended that laser welded diamond blades be used with lots of water, (wet-cutting) because dry cutting can cause the diamond segment or steel core to wear off and break.


Things to consider when choosing concrete cutting blades

The blade components

Armed with an understanding of how a diamond blade works, it becomes easy to pick a blade with the right cutting quality and characteristics that suit your needs. Here are the basic blade components and what to look for in each component:

Cutting Concrete | Megasaw


  • The diamond crystals

Are the sharp cutting teeth that slice through concrete as the blade rotates. The diamonds at the surface become dull with time as you use them. The matrix gradually sheds away worn out diamond crystals to expose new, sharp diamonds embedded within it.


  • The matrix

The metal bond that holds the sharp diamond crystals in place until they wear off. The harder the matrix the longer it takes for the blade to wear away.


  • The metal core

A steel disc that was precision engineered with a segmented rim. This holds the diamonds.


  • The weld

Attaches the diamond cutting segments to the core. Can be laser or solder weld.

For soft, abrasive materials like green concrete, use a blade with a hard metal bond so the diamonds exposed at the surface are fully utilised before they get shed off.

For hard, solid and non-abrasive concrete, use a blade with soft bonds to allow the matrix to get rid of worn out diamond particles and ensure that sharp new diamonds get exposed with ease.


Characteristics of the concrete

The choice of blade depends on  material you want to cut. Consider characteristics such as:

  • The hardness of the aggregate
  • The type of sand
  • The compressive strength

Concrete with a compressive strength below 3,000 psi is considered soft. On the other hand, concrete with a strength of 6,000 psi and above is hard.

Saw Cutting Concrete | Megasaw

Be sure to use a blade with a hard bond to cut soft concrete. When cutting  concrete with high psi (hard) however, use a blade with a soft bond.

This is because high-psi compressive strength, hard aggregate and hard sand tend to dull the diamond particles quickly.  Thus, a softer bond will allow new diamonds on the blade to be exposed as quickly as needed for better work.


Timing of the cut

Green (freshly applied) concrete is softer. Use a blade with strong bonds on the matrix so you can maximise the use of the exposed diamond particles before they are eroded.

Newly Set Concrete Cutting | MegaSaw

This would apply if you cut the concrete approximately 1 to 2 hours after finishing.

Beyond that time, the concrete would already be hard. You’d want to use a soft-bonded diamond blade to cut it.


Cost of the blade

Like any product, manufacturers offer diamond blades at various prices depending on the quality. Options range from basic economy to professional or top-of-the-range versions.

They differ primarily on the diamond content, the most important part of the blade. The higher the diamond concentration the better the quality and the higher the amount you’ll typically pay.

In considering the cost, look at what’s important to you. Is it the initial savings from buying an inexpensive blade or the value given by a more expensive blade in the long run?

For small cutting jobs that involve little run on the blade, you’ll likely save money by buying the economy blade. Jobs that involve frequent or long hours of use however make top-quality blade more cost effective in the long run.



If the quality-cost consideration of buying your own blade shows you would be paying more that you are willing to, it will be better to hire a professional concrete cutting contractor like MegaSaw. By this, you avoid the hassle and unexpected additional costs.

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