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Sawing Drilling Concrete Best Practice Tips

Concrete is the primary material for most building and construction projects. Working with concrete can often get challenging, especially when you want to cut, drill, or saw it for modifications. Knowing the right time to drill and saw-cut concrete is key to the success of such projects. So, when do such contractors know when to more »

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Safety Precautions When Cutting Concrete Indoors

Sawing concrete is hazardous no matter what method is used. Training, supervision and safety precautions are therefore crucial when cutting concrete indoors. Some of the hazards that are associated with concrete cutting and need to be taken into account include: Inhaling silica dust Exhaust fumes that are toxic Kickback, pull-back or pull-in from working with more »

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What Procedure Concrete Core Drilling

Are you in the concrete cutting industry? Do you want to learn about procedures for concrete core drilling? If so, please keep reading for more information. Core drilling is an essential task for virtually all concrete structures at some point. Whether you want to pull a sample of concrete for testing purposes, drill an opening more »

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Wet Cutting Concrete

Is it best to cut concrete using the wet or dry method? If you aren’t sure which method is best, please continue reading below. When cutting concrete, it is possible to do so while using dry and wet cutting methods. While most have heard of the former, the latter is a much better choice. Here more »

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What Best Way Cut Concrete Indoors

Do you need to cut concrete in your home or yard for whatever reason? Did you know that indoor concrete cutting is much more different from cutting concrete outdoors? Please continue reading to learn more. When cutting concrete indoors, it’s vitally important to take into consideration the limited spaces and cluttered areas around you. It’s more »

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