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What is a Ring Saw Used For

Ring saws are cutting tools which are typically used to cut into concrete or for making cuts into brick walls for windows or doors, for example. They are particularly useful for confined spaces and for areas that are hard to reach. Ring saws are one of the more underestimated tools in the average work van, more »

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Cutting the Hazards out of Cutting Concrete

If you are in a business where you are constantly cutting concrete, you will realise that there are many hazards that you may face. These hazards are not limited to injuries that could be sustained from the blade of the saw. Hazards such as saw kickback, silica dust, collapsing walls, and toxic exhaust fumes are more »

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why do you saw cut concrete megasaw

Cutting concrete is something that you normally would never want to do, but it is something that you may have to get done. However, what you will find is this can be more of a challenge than what you think and often you will be left asking yourself why do you have to saw cut more »

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It is often required to remove some parts of concrete structures for creating openings, inserting services, or other purposes. While earlier methods of removing or cutting concrete, used brute force through the use of chisels and hammers, or even jackhammers for a mechanical application that produced the same action, modern-day concrete cutting is done through more »

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Concrete Lines

Concrete is one of the most common items you will find in a sidewalk, slab foundation, or even in different areas of the cities. However, one thing that you will see in a lot of these concrete settings, even in the parks is the fact that you are going to have a chance to see more »

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